Motivated Learning Trust

Happy Students make more receptive learners

The Student Motivation Questionnaire (SMQ) helps identify the reasons for individual students’ barriers to learning. The questionnaire is simple, effective, and easy to use and provides information that enables better differentiated support to all students.

The Motivated Learning Trust has developed a questionnaire specifically designed for use in schools. It is a powerful tool for measuring a student’s emotional health with regard to school and studying.

The questionnaire can highlight:

  • Motivational problems and blocks both at school and home
  • Other issues preventing learning
  • Moods and health difficulties

The SMQ also identifies students, including ‘the lost middle’ who would benefit from:

  • Counselling
  • Additional Pastoral Support
  • Academic Coaching

The SMQ also provides an ‘agenda’ for the school counsellor:

Tailored SMQ Programmes

1. SMQ for School Counsellors

  • The SMQ as a targeted aid to counselling
  • On-line training and support
  • Access to appropriate numbers of on line questionnaires
  • Optional on-line supervision

2. SMQ: Data Only

  • Using the SMQ for identification of support needs for chosen cohorts of students
  • On-line support
  • Advice on referring on for various kinds of support

3. SMQ for Academic Motivational Coaching

  • Use of SMQ for a chosen cohort of students
  • On-line training and support
  • Identification of suitable candidates for Motivational Coaching
  • Training key staff in Motivational Listening Skills

4. The Listening School and the SMQ

  • Motivational Listening Skills training for the Senior Leadership Team
  • Consultancy on designing the specific shape of your ‘Listening School’
  • A training package designed to match your Listening School which could include all or some of the above packages tailored for your needs